Heavy parking in Southey Street

Following the recent consultations on residents’ parking schemes for Penge, most areas came out against schemes which gave priority to residents but only if they bought a permit. Where there is heavy commuter parking, surveys in the Penge East/ St John’s, Penge East/Venner Road and the Station Road areas came out firmly against. Similarly, where the probelm was shopper parking, Raleigh and Wordsworth Roads were against although Southey Street was marginally in favour. Torr and Kingsdale Roads were anti and although Cottingham Road was supportive, the general council policy is not to introduce a scheme unless all roads in the area are in favour, so neither of these is likely to go ahead. The one area where a scheme is being considered is for Linden Grove where a scheme is being considered.


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This blog is maintained by Cllr Kathy Bance MBE, Cllr Peter Fookes and Cllr Kevin Brooks, the Labour Party councillors for Penge & Cator ward on Bromley Council.
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  1. Mike Jones says:

    what about those of us who have to put up with dozens of cars parked around Kent House station – especially Kent House Road and Kings Hall Road. We’re in your ward as well you know!


    • Kent House Road is an important and special area in Penge and Cator.
      We have and will continue to review the issues here. Traffic Engineers have highlighted that Kent House Road is not a one scheme fits all Road because the issues are different in the make up of this Road.

      It was hoped the New Beckenham car park would alleviate the problems here. We will get statistics on numbers recorded. Has it made any difference that you are aware of?

      We have asked that Kent House is looked at in 3 separate sections and we would be happy to meet with just Kent House Residents if you would like that.


      • Mike Jones says:

        Yes I agree that K House Rd needs to be split into sections to reflect the differing conditions there. Haven’t noticed any difference with regard to the New Beckenham car park.
        I don’t think local would support a CPZ though (IMHO) but how about a yellow line that bans parking from 11-12 or something similar. That would be enough to combat the commuters. Many of them seem to have come from many miles away because KHRd and Kings Hall are mostly unrestricted.
        Having lived here for 30 years the level of parking in Kent House Road has never been nigher, especially in the section from Alexandra Infants up to Beckenham Road. It’s solid from 9-5!!


      • We will make enquiries and update the blog.
        We will contact you direct


    • Happy also to then meet with Kent House Residents as CPZs push traffic into roads that have no CPZ.

      The priority at present is to get results and decisions on those roads already consulted and implement or not the CPZs.

      Cllrs cannot call for or decide on CPZs it must be the residents.


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