Armed robbery reported in Penge High Street

A spate of robberies to shops in the High Street culminated today in a reported armed hold up at Solitaire Jewellers.   I am told that Darren, who runs the shop, is unhurt though clearly shaken.   Prior to this, over the last few weeks  Press Gang had its front door forced and there had been further break-ins or attempted break-ins at shops nearer the old Police Station.  

Following the first break-ins, we supported shopkeepers’ requests for advice from the Crime Prevention Officers and are waiting to hear the results.   Today we have contacted the Bromley Police Inspector in charge of Neighbourhood Policing.   Our own Safer Neighbourhood Team is currently under strength due to sickness.   We have asked him to arrange for extra policing on our High Street to reassure our shopkeepers and the public.  

Solitaire is one of a number of shops in the High Street that add to the range on offer.   It is important that they stay and prosper.


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This blog is maintained by Cllr Kathy Bance MBE, Cllr Peter Fookes and Cllr Kevin Brooks, the Labour Party councillors for Penge & Cator ward on Bromley Council.
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4 Responses to Armed robbery reported in Penge High Street

  1. Marcia McNab says:

    How awful, such a lovely shop that I have been using more often and lovely owner. I used to love going to Penge High Street but it has fallen victim to being the ‘Cinderella’ of Bromley Council. The demise of Woolworths has affected everything. Pound shops, pawn shops and meat shops. I know things have to change but this is not doing anything to enhance the reputation of Penge.
    From reading your posts you are doing all you can but regeneration of good shops is the key, which I know you realise. What can we do?


    • All you can do is support the shops we want in the High Street. Those shops are there becasue people use them. If we can support the wider range of shops then hopefully other traders will realise there are customers for them in Penge. There’s always a fashion for certain typews of shops but if there is an over supply, it tends to sort itself out. Its not long since every new shop was a nail bar. Now only the most successful survive. Talk up Penge and take pride.


  2. Armed robbery at my Shop
    For the record:
    On Friday 2nd March, 4 persons entered my shop Solitaire Jewellers, two of them were armed we believe with a firearm and a large knife.
    Charlotte and myself were in the sales area when they came through the front door, I managed to push charlotte into the back office area and slammed the door, they tried to gain access to us with no avail they left completely empty handed.
    We have very very good CCTV images and extensive video footage of all involved(this is now firmly in the polices hands) the police/ flying squad were fantastic and have assured us of a very speedy conclusion to this very serious bungled armed robbery,so if anybody does know anything at all please contact the police.


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