Bromley Council leave fly tipping at old Police Station for over a week

Leaving fly tipping gives a poor impression of Penge

We reported the fly tipping at the old police station over a week ago.   I got very excited when I saw the council’s response team drive through the High Street last Thursday but they ignored the rubbish there.

This is probably the most heavily used place in Penge.  We know it is one of the busiest junctions in the Bromley.  Leaving fly-tipping in place helps  create a run down impression of our High Street and our town.

We eventually heard from the council that as this is private land they have no responsibility to clear the fly tipping.   We do understand their policy that by clearing it, you might just encourage further fly tipping.   The council will investigate the rubbish and try to identify the perpetrators.  They will also try to contact the owners of the site to do something about it.   And in the end they may even clear it themselves.   However, surely in such a prominent position the council has a duty to keep our street scene clean and encourage an attitude of caring for our Town.  Or perhaps this council doesn’t.


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This blog is maintained by Cllr Kathy Bance MBE, Cllr Peter Fookes and Cllr Kevin Brooks, the Labour Party councillors for Penge & Cator ward on Bromley Council.
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4 Responses to Bromley Council leave fly tipping at old Police Station for over a week

  1. Gareth says:

    So who actually owns the old police station if not the council?


  2. Brianorp says:

    Gareth. The Police! Clue is I the name!


    • The old police station was sold off, by the police, about a year ago. We were told that it was bought by developers who had no immediate plans for it. We believe their aim is to convert to offices. The old building at the back of the yard (stable?) in Green Lane has permission for conversion to a house. The police station itself is locally listed, which gives it a little bit of proteciton. It is difficult to convert and disabled access is also difficult


  3. gareth says:

    AH HA Brianorp – bot looking so smart now are you pal!


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