Beckenham Beacon to close under re-organisation plans

The closure of the Beckenham Beacon is amongst the proposals announced this week in response to the financial difficulties of the South London Health Care Trust.   People living in the Penge area will also be effected by a proposal to close the Accident and Emergency Department at Lewisham Hospital.   

The proposal means that the outpatient and diagnostic services currently provided at the Beacon would be transferred to the PRU at Farnborough.   Has the report author ever tried to get to the PRU in a hurry from here? 

It is even worse for many people in Penge and Cator, where Lewisham is the first choice for A&E services, as it is nearer and easier to get to than other local hospitals.   The report suggests that Lewisham A&E should be closed and we should use Woolwich Hospital instead.   I dont think I know how to get to Woolwich.  Maternity services at Lewisham are also being considered for downgrading. 

These proposals have not been made in the interests of the people who use The Beacon or Lewisham Hospital but in an attempt to resolve the serious financial problems at hospitals in Woolwich, Sidcup and at the PRU in Farnborough.  

We are extremely concerned about these proposals.  We cannot afford to lose one of these first class faciltities, yet alone both.   The A&E departments at other hospitals, such as Kings are already at capacity.  The services at the Beacon and at Lewisham Hospital are absolutely vital to more than 250,000 residents across Lewisham and Penge. 

Lewisham MP, Heidi Alexander, has set up an online petition against the Lewisham proposals.  The link is but we need to galvanise all our local MPs and Bromley Council to stop these harmful proposals going through.


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This blog is maintained by Cllr Kathy Bance MBE, Cllr Peter Fookes and Cllr Kevin Brooks, the Labour Party councillors for Penge & Cator ward on Bromley Council.
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7 Responses to Beckenham Beacon to close under re-organisation plans

  1. Agreed: ‘why should we pay the price for financial difficulties elsewhere?’
    And just what precisely are these costly ‘difficulties’ anyway, apart from Top Secret? 😉


  2. sian says:

    they should close down PRU. It’s the one in difficulties and isn’t a good hospital anyway. Lewisham and the Beacon are great and are much needed facilities.


  3. Nick says:

    This is clearly a politically-motivated decision. Imagine the outcry among the Tories of Bromley if PRU was closed/downgraded! But we at the other end of the borough don’t count. Of course, PRU, having had so much invested in it, shouldn’t close either. The last Labour government invested a fortune in the rebuilding of the NHS – let’s not just throw all of that in the bin.


  4. They cannot close the beacon it is such a useful place


  5. Arnold Gruntfuttock says:

    I’ve got a much better idea. Let’s just have ONE hospital to cover the whole country. It could be in Birmingham which is kinda in the middle. With only one A&E there are lots of people that won’t make it in time, so that will save shedloads of money on their treatment. In fact, we could do without emergency ambulances in many parts of the country, because, let’s face it, no-one farther than about 30 miles from Birmingham would last long enough to make it to the hospital so what would be the point in even trying to save them?
    Of course, there would be plenty of private provision to cope with MPs and bankers because they’re absolutely vital to the economy, and it’s nothing to do with them that we’re in the mess we’re in …


  6. Mrs Joy Dean (nee Brooks) says:

    Is The Beacon, formerly Beckenham Hospital, no longer financially viable? If not, then logical explanations are needed concerning a proposal to close it. Please read
    The history is interesting and shows how that useful building, indeed another landmark, came into being and how its future is still essential. I look back in time – my Grandad died in Douglas Lindsay Ward, in a different ward I had my tonsils out – but I look forward, too.


  7. Paula Baggett says:

    Why doesn’t someone just have a look at the way the service is being administered? Everyone is flinging artifacts about as if there is no tomorrow.Spend the money as if it is your own and watch the savings!


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