Update on update on future of Beckenham Beacon following last night’s joint Residents’ Associations meeting

(Apologies to those who followed the first link – it had technical problems.)

The meeting was held jointly by West Beckenham Residents’ Association and the Copers Cope Area Residents’ Association so it had a different emphasis to the usual WBRA meeting we have attended in the past.   The first discussion was on the plans for improving Beckenham High Street which is largely a Copers Cope issue.    The discussion then moved on to South London Health Trust.

The organisers had done very well to get Mr Collins from the Clinical Commissioning Group, who will take over responsibility for commissioning services at the Beacon to replace those that are threatened with being withdrawn.  It seemed as if we would have little or no chance of reversing the decision to withdraw the current SLHT services – outpatients and diagnostic.   The GP surgery and dentist is already run by the CCG.  Mr Collins did say that the CCG would put the emphasis on bringing services as close as possible to the community that used them and seemed to hint that some of the service could continue.   He could not give any guarantee though.   This makes it even more important that we all respond to the consultation to let them know which services are important to us.  It was suggested from the floor that we should ask for intermediate care beds at Beckenham.

There was a lot of discussion about how the deficit at SLHT had been accumulated and the history of health provision in the area.

I also reminded the meeting that it was important to also respond to the proposals for closing Lewisham Hospital Accident & Emergency.  Just because it is “Lewisham” Hospital shouldn’t blind us to the fact that Lewisham A&E is the most convenient A&E for many people in this area.  The PRU is too far away and as for Woolwich, well ….   It is quite clear that the administrator who wrote the report had no grasp of the geography of the area.   Within the report there is a map of health facilities in South London.  If you take out Lewisham, a large void appears where there are no convenient A&E facilities.

Just, please, make sure you respond to the consultation.

For those who are interested, the draft report is attached here.  TSA Draft Report   The relevant pages for Beckenham Beacon are 60/61.


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2 Responses to Update on update on future of Beckenham Beacon following last night’s joint Residents’ Associations meeting

  1. Yes – to coin a saying, previous reports about the death of the Beckenham Beacon seem to have been somewhat premature. In fact the presentation of the whole consultation to date seems somewhat lacking in psychological sensitivity and public relations.
    I went over to Lewisham Hospital for the emergency public meeting earlier, and found even the overflow meeting, in the Calabash Centre, is full. En route, I found what I considered to be clear evidence of energy waste, in the vicinity of the Riverside Cafe, Lewisham Hospital. I am not, I hasten to add, a qualified energy management consultant – but see for yourselves – downstairs from said venue, where heat seems to be hemorraging out of an open doorway!


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