Kent House Tavern License Reviewed

The Kent House Tavern on the corner of Kent House Rd and Thesiger Rd has closed temporarily after the license was reviewed on Monday.  It will re-open on Monday week with a new licensee after local residents and the police raised concerns about the pub being open after hours and noise and general disturbance.  CCTV on the premises will be upgraded and a noise limiter device installed.  We do not want to see the loss of a public house in the area but clearly pubs have to be responsible when they are located in residential areas.


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This blog is maintained by Cllr Kathy Bance MBE, Cllr Peter Fookes and Cllr Kevin Brooks, the Labour Party councillors for Penge & Cator ward on Bromley Council.
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24 Responses to Kent House Tavern License Reviewed

  1. Peter Adams says:

    I don’t own my property but live local and the pub is dirty and unkempt on the outside, rowdy clientele on weekend nights. I have been in before and was threatened in the toilets by some unscrupulous criminal types. The landlord was terrified of some of the customers and often hid upstairs letting bar staff deal with these kind of people.
    On my last visit in the back room was three youths stood there sniffing something from a 50 pence piece. I have never been so disgusted in my life.
    I have driven past as early as 5 am and have witnessed punters leaving and staggering up the road. It’s a troublesome pub and always will be.


  2. Mac McKenna says:

    Well, I live just 25 metres from the Kent House Tavern & I’ve never had any problems. I’m shocked by the decision to take the licence. I’ve got a young family, with kids that go to bed early; never a problem. In fact the only time I’ve ever been troubled late at night since we moved here was when someone knocked asking my wife & I to sign a petition challenging the licence; we declined, telling the caller that we didn’t think the petition was appropriate.


  3. Ram-John Holder says:

    Glad this place has not re-opened as promised. It was supposed to have the ex- landlord of the Mitre running it. Enough said !


  4. Jlowry says:

    Being a local resident I too must agree with both Peter Adams and Ram-John Holder…this pub is a complete disgrace a health hazzard and I have also like Mr Adams witnessed illegal substances at the property both inside and out and also around Children. How the brewery handed this pub over to the poor excuse of a man they call a landlord we will never know. Personally with a young family myself I do not want this behaviour or indeed clientele on my doorstep. Shame as this Public House with a little tlc has the potential to be a great community pub especially as it sits within an affluent area. On behalf of the local residents I would ask you, our local councillors to contact the brewery and request that in the absence of a landlord they visit and clean up the outside of the pub as its dirtying and an embarrassment to the area.


  5. Declan says:

    This pub is still closed despite a sign in the window saying it will open on 29 January – has the brewery closed it for good?


    • At the Licensing Review hearing, the owners reported that the previous tenant would be leaving and a new tenant installed. This was agreed by all parties. However, subsequently the previous tenant refused to leave and now is, in effect, squatting in the premises. As far as we know, the owners, Brakespeare’s, are taking legal action to evict him. This can be a lengthy process.


      • Jlowry says:

        I would therefore suggest that you contact the brewery as representatives of local residents as i have indeed done this to report the rubbish outside the property and appearance of the building as it is quite clearly being destroyed by the squatters and is a detriment to the local community, however I have received no response and is this a suggestion that yes the brewery have given up.?


      • We did have the area inspected a couple of weeks ago Unfortunately, Brakespeare’s have not responded to prompts from the council. We shall follow up again.


      • Declan says:

        I do hope that the pub is saved. It has a lot of potential, far more than any other pub in Penge. But only if managed sensibly and is respectful of its neighbours. It needs a good landlord. The rumour that the landlord of the Mitre is taking over worries me greatly as that pub had (it’s now closed) a reputation far far worse that the Kent House.


      • I hope it can be saved. Your comments regarding the Mitre are interesting. The tenant at the Mitre attended the Licensing committee along with Brakespeare’s. There were no objections from either the police or the Licensing Officers to him taking over. His record appeared to be good. Anyway, we will have to see what happens next. I will try to find out.


  6. Declan says:

    Thanks, I’ve based my worries on the online reviews that the Mitre received prior to it closing down, and a visit to it once when I felt rather uncomfortable, but here’s hoping that it turns out ok and the new landlord does actually turn it around.I’m willing to give it the benefit of the doubt .


  7. Martin says:

    There’s definitely squatters taking up residence in the pub. I saw grubby mattresses being moved in on the weekend of 8th June. Complaining about the original pub… careful what we wish for. This pub could end up as affordable housing or a permanent squat.


  8. Declan Byrne says:

    As someone who lives in affordable housing, I find the last comment rather insulting and quite ignorant. We can’t all be nice and middle class like you.


  9. Tom says:

    What happended to The Alexandra pub on Parish Lane? Surely it wasn’t closed for Asbestos….


  10. Tom says:

    Can someone please buy The Kent House Tavern as it has huge potential. This could make a great pub with great food and customers too.

    Also get rid of the off licence – it stinks. Get a nice little cafe and bakery….could make that row of shops on Kent House Road.


  11. Tom says:

    Declan its a middle class area now. sorry mate.


  12. Martin says:

    The off license is rubbish…….and actually contributes to a lot of rubbish in the area. We don’t need a convenience shop and an offie……you’re right, a cafe / bakery would be great


  13. Fiona Lawrie says:

    People have tried to buy the Kent house – the brewery just aren’t interested as they do not respond to calls or emails. They have already lost two interested parties


  14. PM says:

    Any news yet on this pub?


  15. Martin says:

    Planning permission has been requested for 8 one-bedroom, affordable housing flats. The flats are to be on the first floor and the roof space (which is having a dormer extension). The ground floor will be a shop, as yet unnamed.
    I intend to object on the following grounds:
    – There is no parking for 8 new properties plus visitors. Kent House Road already has enough parking overspill
    – There is an existing litter problem from the shops on Kent House Road and the dwellings and tenants on Thesiger Road. An additional shop and accommodation will exacerbate the problem. I have raised the litter problem to Bromley Council on numerous occasions. They are clearly unable to manage the litter problem now, let alone with an extra shop(s) and additional homes
    – Loss of amenity. There is a need for a well run pub. It was the council’s mis-management of the previous license that led to the Kent House Tavern closing. The brewery did receive offers for the pub but obviously were not interested.


  16. We will be taking a close interest in this application. All of Martin’s points are valid. Other recent proposals for pub conversions have also been found to have inadequate amenity space and poor design for the accommodation.


  17. Martin says:

    You can add comments to the planning application here:

    Enter reference: 14/01394/FULL1


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