Future Plans for Beckenham Beacon – important meeting this Thursday.

We are reprinting the following announcement for the Copers Cope Residents’ Association:

As many will have heard, the South London Healthcare Trust (SLHT) went into administration. One of the proposals the NHS Trust Special Administrator (TSA) has recommended is that the SLHT terminate its lease at the Beckenham Beacon and thus stop providing services at the Beacon.

Currently the NHS Bromley Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) pays the SLHT to provide services at the Beacon. When SHLT pulls out, Bromley CCG will need to commission care from another provider. The TSA recommends that the SLHT hand over the Beacon to Bromley CCG on 1 June 2013 (and the Secretary of State for Health advises it must be done by 1 October 2013 at the latest).

The 1 June will soon be upon us and – as yet – Bromley CCG has issued no formal plans for the Beacon. They have advised that they still want to have GP and practice nurse services, access to a service dealing with minor injuries, and a range of outpatient and diagnostic services and tests such as blood tests and X-rays, delivered at Beckenham Beacon. They are also looking at options around other primary and community care services

We understand they are in negotiation with Kings College (Health Trust) to provide services at the Beacon, and that Kings College also wants to enhance services at the Beacon. (Note: another of the TSA’s recommendations is that Kings College should take over Princess Royal University Hospital. This is expected to happen some time between June and October 2013).

Naturally residents are concerned that the services provided at the Beacon will change. We may get some new services. However, there are worries that key services currently provided at the Beacon may move, perhaps to Princess Royal Hospital (Farnborough) or even to Kings College Hospital (Camberwell). To address this and to give residents the opportunity to have their say, we have invited Bromley CCG to speak at our open meeting on 28 March 2013. (8 pm, at Beckenham Public Halls).

We hope the following will be covered

•    Update on negotiations with Kings College Health Trust

•    Confirmation of specific services that will remain at the Beacon.

•    Future improvements/opportunities for the Beacon that have been confirmed or are being explored. (Note: previously the CCG advised that the provision of intermediate care beds could be considered).

We encourage all Beckenham residents to attend this meeting. You do not have to be a member of our Association. Further information can be found as follows:

•    TSA recommendations: www.tsa.nhs.uk

•    Secretary of State for Health decision regarding report: www.dh.gov.uk/health/2013/01/slht-decision/

•    Bromley CCG:


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