Don’t delay to vote in May. To vote in the elections on May 22nd, you have to be registered by May 6th

Elections for Bromley Council and for the European Parliament will take place on Thursday May 22nd.

Registering to vote
How to register
To be able to vote your name must be included on the register of electors.

Between August and October every year, by law, Bromley Council prepares a a new register of electors. This is known as the annual canvass.

If you have not yet registered or have moved home recently you can download a registration form between December and August or obtain a form through this link.

About pengeandcatorcouncillors

This blog is maintained by Cllr Kathy Bance MBE, Cllr Peter Fookes and Cllr Kevin Brooks, the Labour Party councillors for Penge & Cator ward on Bromley Council.
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6 Responses to Don’t delay to vote in May. To vote in the elections on May 22nd, you have to be registered by May 6th

  1. Zoe Telford says:

    Are you supporting the Space for Cycling Campaign request for a safe crossing facility for kids at Alexander Junior School and a 20mph speed limit on Cator Road?


    • We support 20mph zones for all residential streets where residents demand it, Zoe. However, implementing them and enforcing them is extremely difficult. I am not sure what you mean by a safe crossing facility for Alexandra Junior School. We have received no request from the school and there is a school crossing patrol. We did persuade the council to install a pedestrian crossing in Lennard Road at the request of AJS parents amongst others but I notice that most parents continue to cross with their children at the junction, opposite the entrance to the alleyway.


      • Zoe Telford says:

        I’ve seen an email (dated 11th Feb) from the Head at Alexander [Mrs Claudette Maragh] to the LCC rep for Penge and Cator giving her support for the Space for Cycling Campaign request for this ward (including the crossing, which would mean kids coming to Cycle Club at the weekend for example would find it easier to cross, and of course pedestrians at other times when the school patrol isn’t there). I wasn’t involved in making the Campaign ‘ask’, but I am a member of the LCC and have agreed to support the local campaign. Messages have been sent to all Bromley Local Authority candidates via the LCC website, alerting them to the Space for Cycling local request. According to the LCC website, only the Green Party candidate has come out in support so far, hence my posting this to you. I can only speak from personal experience, but I see pedestrians using the crossing you are speaking about regularly. But of course, it makes sense to see first where pedestrians try and cross, and put a safe crossing facility in the right place (as corrected now in Sydenham, with a Pelican crossing replacing the zebra crossing). A lot of changes are difficult to implement and enforce, but that’s why I have always voted Labour in the past, because I believe Labour will bring about change for the public good. Your own campaign literature, delivered through my door today, states: “Labour will act on calls for […] speed limits and safety for cyclists”.


      • I was trying to give a more considered answer but if you want a straightforward yes or no, then yes we support your local campaign. Cator Road, along with many other roads in the area should be 20mph. This is a widespread problem. We have a record of supporting requests for 20 mph zones despite resistance from the Tories who run Bromley. Yes, if you can demonstrate a need for a safer crossing point in Cator Road, we will support that. The type of help that would be appropriate for this situation can discussed at another time.


  2. Zoe Telford says:

    That’s great news. Thank you. I’ll get on to the LCC and ask them to make the relevant change on the web page to indicate Labour support!


  3. Jane Haile says:

    Thanks for your support for the LCC ward ask – I was involved in developing the ask and have the email of support from Alexandra Junior School – happy to sit down with you to discuss this in more detail if you are successful in this weeks elections!


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