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Cllr Fookes: When will the new medical centre/pharmacy in Oakfield Road, Penge be opening.
Reply: NHS England advise, 15 Decemer 2015.

How many complaints were received last year with regard to street cleaning in Penge and Cator ward?
Reply: 349 reports concerning street cleaning in Penge & Cator ward of which 1 was a registered complaint?

How many pupils are still waiting to be offered a primary school place?
Reply: 15 reception children waiting to be placed (late applications, just received. Still awaiting proof of address documents). In Years 1 to 6 we are awaiting proof of address for 30 children and these will be placed within the agreed 20 day rule. We do have a problem with a lack of spare Key Stage One places and where this is an issue we have to use the Fair Access Protocol which allows schools to go over their admission number.

Cllr Bance: Can you please provide statistics for the reports to the Council on rubbish dumped in High Street Penge for 2014 and indicate if this is higher, average or lower compared to other wards.
Reply: 53 cases of dumped rubbish in High Street Penge and this is higher than in other High Streets.

How will LBB unsure that all stakeholders have had the opportunity to consult on the plans to market test the outsourcing of SEN provision before it is on an agenda at PDS.
Reply: The decision to market test Education Services was approved by Executive on 16 July 2014. The process of market testing is now in progress and expected to take up to a year before a recommendation on the outcome is presented for decision to Executive. The council makes no assumption as to the outcome of market testing of Education Services – outsourcing is one possible outcome.
The market testing is for all Education Services for which Special Educational Needs (SEN) is one of a wide range of services. Stakeholders across all Education Services, will be engaged throughout the process in various ways. These include:
Representation on Evaluation Panel: school representatives, as the major stakeholder in receipt of Education Services (incl. SEN), will be included in the Core Evaluation Panel responsible for the evaluation proposals.
Staff and Service User Referral Panels: Referral Panels will support the Core Evaluation Panel by providing feedback on proposals, or parts of proposals, upon referral. There will be a number of Service User Referral Panels, including Panels for schools, Early Years, Special Educational Needs and Sensory Support. The reps will be directly involved in the market testing process. Representation of the Panels is currently being arranged.
Communications: There will be a number of ways the council and stakeholders will engage on a regular basis, including a dedicated website for updates; a dedicated e-mail address to receive comments; and briefings via letters or meetings.

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This blog is maintained by Cllr Kathy Bance MBE, Cllr Peter Fookes and Cllr Kevin Brooks, the Labour Party councillors for Penge & Cator ward on Bromley Council.
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