Alexandra Pub Application Deferred

The planning application for mixed public house/restaurant use at this site in Parish Lane was deferred at committee last night. We all want to see the pub back in action but there are concerns over parking issues with up to 20 extra people living on site as a result of the 1 self contained unit on the ground floor and the 12 bedrooms as part of the Houses in Multiple Occupation accommodation with shared kitchen facilities on the first and second floors.

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This blog is maintained by Cllr Kathy Bance MBE, Cllr Peter Fookes and Cllr Kevin Brooks, the Labour Party councillors for Penge & Cator ward on Bromley Council.
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11 Responses to Alexandra Pub Application Deferred

  1. Paul says:

    So given that extra parking is unlikely to spring up from nowhere this is essentially it for the possibility of opening the pub? This issue seems to have been dragging on forever; there are many, many residents who want it to open. I live twenty seconds walk away.


    • Hello Paul

      We councillors want to see the public house back in operation but we have to be sure we do not cause more problems for the residents.
      Parking is a problem so there is room for the developer to agree fewer units and more parking in this application.


  2. Jon says:

    very disappointing result, the vast majority of local residents are desperate for the Alex to re-open with Late Knight Breweries at the helm. I can see this dragging on for years, all the while with the residents having to put up with an eyesore on their doorstep


    • Hello Jon

      We assure you we have the best interest of residents in mind and will not oppose a viable application to bring the public house back into use.
      We are also strong supports of Late Knight Breweries.


      • Will says:

        What are the revised timelines now on this application? The overwhelming consensus seems to favour the return of use to a pub so when can wee pet this to conclude?


      • Hello Will

        Thanks for your comment. Firstly, I should say that although the consensus reflects those in favour that does not mean that there are no concerned neighbours who may not be so willing to come forward on blogs etc. Our role is to represent all our residents so we need to see that the process is followed properly to conclusion. I do not have timelines to hand but I will get as much information as I can and get back to you. I reiterate that we do not want to loose any of our community buildings and so will work with all our residents to that we have a good outcome all round.


  3. Julie Ferguson says:


    I too am very disappointed to hear that the planning application has been delayed. This young team of brewers are exactly the type of business that we should be supporting and encouraging to bring a new lease of life to the area. We live 2 mins round the corner and have absolutely no issues with parking and our street alone could accommodated most of the required parking as it and the surrounding streets are nowhere near full. There is such a limited choice of places for residents to visit locally that many of us have to take our custom (and cars) else where. It also seems crazy that given the actually brewery is on the door step of the Alexandra that it is not being supported as a priority. What can the local residents do to help this along. I for one am very happy to take a role in supporting this.

    Kind Regards


    • Hello Julie

      The application will be at committee this Thursday. The parking review has been completed and officers have recommended approval.

      We councillors, having let the application run it’s full process will support that outcome.


  4. julie says:


    Thank you for your response that is good news and I look forward to following the Late Knights progress.

    Kind regards


  5. Paul says:

    Thank you, firstly for taking the time to respond on here and keeping us in the loop, giving us a voice, and secondly – more importantly – for supporting the pub. Cheers!


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