Iceland Car Park – Unjust Parking Fines Information

We have received several communications recently where visitors and residents have refused to accept and pay fines from JLL a company working with Star Parking at the Blenheim Shopping Centre.

TEL: 0208 897 4075

If you have received an unjust parking ticket please let us know and contact Star Parking immediately giving the details of the event.

e.g. phones going to answer phone.  Credit / Debit cards not be accepted.

JLL have no contract which states that they can issue fines of £100 for failing to register and pay within 10 minutes.


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10 Responses to Iceland Car Park – Unjust Parking Fines Information

  1. Claire Frost says:

    If the contract doesn’t make allowances to issue fines are they in breach of contract?


    • Hello Claire, not having any legal experience I cant confirm that but they are under contract to Starr and that contract does have a clause to issue fines under those terms in it. When challenged on this and threatened with the Watchdog they have reminded fines. For months there was no way they would cancel fines issued or even discuss their practices but we have been contacted by several visitors to the car park who challenged them and got the fines cancelled after issue or before actual issue. Some have gone to the local police and reported the tactics JLL have used.


  2. Leni Gillman says:

    I have been embroiled in a battle with these people since January. My wife Leni incurred one of these charges after she had been unable to pay because the pay machines were broken. We challenged them and they insisted we pay. We then said we intended to appeal to the supposedly-independent industry body, Popla. I notified them of this three times and meanwhile visited the car park to photograph the signage. That was in June. The very next day they sent a letter rescinding the charge after all. And two days after that, we got another letter with a penalty charge for £100 because I had allegedly stayed in the car park for eleven minutes while taking my photographs – just ONE MINUTE into their supposedly penalty time. I wrote back saying this was fatuous and absurd and I would never have visited the car park if they had waived the charge in the first place. They replied insisting I pay. I appealed to Popla which is now run by the Local Ombudsman. The parking company counter-appealed and continued to insist I pay. I counter-counter-appealed to Popla and am now awaiting its response. These people are monsters and must be resisted. The car-park arrangements are the despair of local traders and a council official told me in an email that the signage there was “unfair and misleading”. Council officials met the company earlier this year in an attempt to bring them to their senses and to find a way of revitalising the car park, but got nowhere, reporting that the company was only interested in making as much money from the car park as possible. The company’s name is Star, not Starr. I have done a lot of research on all of this and know the names of the company leasing the car park and the ultimate owners, as well as of the Star company man who met council officials. I also have photographs of the distressing signage which insists disabled drivers must may, and of signs which mislead users as to the owners of the car park. Please let me know if I can help further.
    Peter (and Leni) Gillman, SE20 7XP


  3. peterleni says:

    We finally won our appeal to Popla, almost a year since the initial incident. This company has proved itself intransigent and totally uninterested in working for the community. I don’t think it’s good enough for the councillors say that “details to assist residents” are welcome. The councillors should press to have this car park taken over by the council and run in the interests of local residents, shops and businesses. I have in any case posted the ownership details on the Blenheim Car Park thread on Penge Streetlife. Councillors, please let us know what you will do to take up this issue on our behalf. Thanks. Peter Gillman


    • We can confirm that we have been working actively to resolve this situation since the very first incident was reported to us.
      We have worked with LBB officers who have no control over this Franchise which was leased to them by the Halifax Bank.
      We have met with the owner of the franchise who we agree was totally disinterested in reimbursing fines or bringing the car park into proper use.
      We have worked alongside the Town Centre Manager who, like us has worked tirelessly to resolve this issue, but again it is not the responsibility of the LBB.
      Our local police force have passed details to us of cases brought to their attention and we have made contact in every case offering advice and support whilst urging them not to pay up but to fight the case with our assistance.
      Finally we can confirm that the whole complex including the car park has been sold and a new company will be refurbishing the complex and have said they will get the car park back working for the community.
      WE continue to meet with all interested parties as the contract is signed and the new leases let.
      We understand your frustration but we cannot enforce private franchises or companies to work in the manner we want them to.
      Peter we remain totally committed to supporting all our residents at all times. You are entitled to share criticism but hope you also accept that we have not just sat back and offered details. The details of the company were additional support for those more able to stand up for themselves.


  4. peterleni says:

    Thanks for all this very helpful detail, also for the news of your extensive work on this issue. The best part is the news that a new company has taken over the car park – Penge will be delighted! Can you tell us which company that is?


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