Penge Wide Parking Review

We have been liaising for many months now, at the request of residents from the following roads: Torr, Cottingham, Kingsdale, Raleigh, Wordsworth, Southey Street and Green Lane, who, because of the difficulty in parking in their streets have wanted a new parking survey carried out.   The survey carried out in 2011 did not prove a weighted balance either for or against parking restrictions.

We had already reached agreement that these roads would be revisited and consultation surveys are in the process of being sent out – pre-work having already been done.

However, we have been receiving an increased number of emails on parking issues from all over Penge. The changing nature of our High Street and surrounding areas, with new popular shops has added to the parking problems.  Residents are also frustrated by the number of commuters who choose free parking on residential roads instead of using the Station car parks.

Other residents are very much against Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs) on their roads and we and LBB know that CPZs are not a perfect solution.

However, to satisfy the building pressure from residents we need to gauge the strength of feeling on both sides so that a decision can be made.   We have therefore, reached agreement with the LBB that they carry out a Penge wide parking consultation.

LBB will send out consultation letters to each household outlining the limitations of CPZs and the various CPZ options open to residents.

To ensure this exercise is carried out effectively and concludes with a clear decision for each road, you need complete the questionnaire and return it.  If you belong to a Residents’ Association or voluntary group, please encourage people to respond either way.


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This blog is maintained by Cllr Kathy Bance MBE, Cllr Peter Fookes and Cllr Kevin Brooks, the Labour Party councillors for Penge & Cator ward on Bromley Council.
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6 Responses to Penge Wide Parking Review

  1. Alex Thorogood says:

    This is great news, we desperately need controlled parking on Lucas Road. Being so close to Penge East station we are inundated with commuters leaving their cars here all day leaving residents nowhere to park. Will we receive a questionnaire in the post? And is there any meeting or equivalent we should attend? Thanks.


    • You will receive letters through the post but all details not yet confirmed.
      We will get the 7 roads out and see a proof of the letter for the others shortly.
      Just spread the word that we need as many forms returned as possible. One vote per household and door numbers are counted. We must shave a clear decision.


      • Alex Thorogood says:

        Hello again, well it’s now the 25th of Feb and have had no news on the parking review. When can we expect to get the forms through the post? Thanks.


      • We heard from the Portfolio holder yesterday that the letters had been drafted, reviewed several times and were now ready to go.
        The major gas leaks have taken priority of officers time.
        We expect the letters through doors latest next week. If we hear otherwise we will reblog.


  2. Kate Dougall says:

    I was just about to post the same question – It is 26th Feb and I haven’t had a letter. I am heavily pregnant and often find my driveway blocked meaning I have to park on adjacent streets and waddle to my front door, or even find I cannot get off my drive, which is useless if I need to be driven to the hospital in an emergency. I am ensuring that I lodge complaints with Bromley parking enforcement when I can – can I ask that these be taken into account when making the decision? I imagine I can’t be the only one requesting parking enforcement on a regular basis and hope that the numbers of complaints will have an influence on the final decision.



    • Parking is one of the most frustrating issues in Bromley and there is no easy answer because there too many cars on our roads.
      Gas leaks and creating diversions have taken officer time in the past couple of months but the parking review for Penge is on track.
      The final decision will be based on the number of forms returned to the Traffic officers.
      It is necessary to ensure as many residents vote rather than there being a high number of residents who do not vote in either direction.
      e.g. 70 forms sent out – 20 in favour; 16 against but 34 forms not returned or “don’t mind/care either way”. This would be a No Change decision.

      If a vehicle is blocking access to your driveway, you should first make enquiries with your neighbours to see if they know who the car belongs to. If no one knows, then contact your local authority parking enforcement team.


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