Roadworks at Crystal Palace Park Road/Thicket Road

Message from Ben Howard, LBB Traffic Officer

UK Power Networks (UKPN) have been unable to locate their electrical fault and have advised that they need to move further down Penge High Street close to the Homebase store.  They will be recommencing works today and setting up a two way set of lights. This will hopefully work better than the previous three way phased lights on site before.

LBB traffic officers will be with the contractors on Monday to monitor the traffic light timings to aim to keep traffic moving more freely.  

UKPN are anticipating works to take approx. 10 days to complete, but will be working seven days a week and extended hours with the hope that this duration is reduced.

 We will have an additional update on these works next week.


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This blog is maintained by Cllr Kathy Bance MBE, Cllr Peter Fookes and Cllr Kevin Brooks, the Labour Party councillors for Penge & Cator ward on Bromley Council.
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5 Responses to Roadworks at Crystal Palace Park Road/Thicket Road

  1. David Blake says:

    Dear lbb, this road was dug up about 6 months ago, they are now digging up the same part again.
    The traffic is a nightmare,and as for working 7 days a week? I came through there today and nobody was to be seen working


    • We will ask for an update on when works will be completed and what hours are being worked.
      The traffic light system and moved bus stop does appear to be working better that the last one.


      • David Blake says:

        Dear councillors,
        not sure whats going on with these roadworks, they have now filled in their holes and moved further back towards the bridge and started digging yet again!
        Surely with all the technology these days they should be able to find the problem, or to quote the song:- AND THEY STILL HAVNT FOUND WHAT THERE LOOKING FOR!
        Sorry i find all this a joke



      • Thank you for your comment and we do understand the frustration.
        We are not engineering experts so cant comment or intervene on why they are taking so long to resolve this.
        We will get back to LBB and ask for an update on the current status and also ask the question “have they the right equipment for the job of identifying the problem”
        Will keep you informed.


      • Update from Ben Howard, Traffic Officer:

        UK Power Networks (UKPN) has, this morning, confirmed that it is too early to say if the exact area has been located yet. They did confirm that they have located one fault within their new excavation at the Crampton Road junction, however it is not the fault they have been looking for. They have advised that they will have further information by Wednesday once they have excavated further over the next couple of days and fixed the current fault that they have found.

        UKPN do have the right equipment, however with cables the fault can be harder to trace. The duration of the works is frustrating, but the electricity board are working hard to complete works as quickly as possible. Since the new phase of works started at the end of last week, I’ve noticed that traffic delays have improved as we are now down to a two way set of lights, rather than three.

        He will contact us again on Wednesday (20/07/2016) once he has received the new update from UKPN, which will hopefully be better news.


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