Other organisations and contacts

Penge Citizens’ Advice Bureau operates from premises around the area.   You can view the web site:  bromleycab.org.uk   

Following cuts in service as a result of reduced funding from Bromley Council, the only drop in advice service in our area is at Anerley Towen Hall on Wednesdays between 10 and 12.  (updated 24.05.14)

Labour in London:  http://labourinlondon.org.uk/

Jim Dowd MP, Lewisham West and Penge:  www.jimdowd.org.uk

The Labour Party: www.labour.org.uk to join or renew call 08705 900 200.

Bromley Council: http://www.bromley.gov.uk/  020 8464 3333

Penge Police


Copperfield House at the High Street end of Maple Road is open Mon-Fri 11am-7pm.

It is closed to the public outside those hours , during public holidays and between 3pm & 4pm.

You can report crimes, seek advice, hand in lost or believed stolen property found in the street.    London taxi drivers with yellow or green licences can hand in property found in cabs [TfL licensed cabs only]

A police phone has recently been installed outside , which is connected directly to South London’s police communication hub at Lambeth.

So effectively it is now a 24/7 police contact point. Please use it !

Phone 020 8649 3541

non emergency, dial 101

In an emergency always call 999.

Bromley Police     http://cms.met.police.uk/met/boroughs/bromley/index

Tel:  0300 123 1212

Transport for London  http://www.tfl.gov.uk/

Penge Partners

is an organisation set up to provide support for people wanting to run events in Penge.   In particular, they are the main organisers of the Penge Festival and  Penge in Bloom.

The Penge Partners website also hosts webs sites for Penge Forum.


Penge Forum

Penge Forum provides an avenue for discussion between statutory and voluntary organisations, residents, and, indeed, anyone interested in the area of Penge, Anerley, and the adjacent parts of Beckenham.

Its four meetings a year take the form of a speaker on some subject of local concern, followed by opportunity for discussion on general matters of topical interest.


Report Difficulties on Bromley’s roads during heavy snow:  020 8313 4557

Snow Friends

Be a good neighbour and help out your community this winter – become a Snow Friend

For further information please contact:
Customer Contact Centre
Snow Friends
Email: csc@bromley.gov.uk

Snow Friends leaflets are available on request or they can be downloaded by clicking on the link at: http://www.bromley.gov.uk/snowfriends

London Borough of Bromley – Out of Hours Emergency 020 8464 4848

Report a problem in your street e.g. fly tipping, dog fouling, missed recycling collections, graffiti etc.  https://fix.bromley.gov.uk or 020 8464 3333


9 Responses to Other organisations and contacts

  1. Jeanne Gregory says:

    Very informative website.
    Would just like to mention how Penge is getting Cash converters, cheque exchange plus two other pay day loan type places, why is planning permission being given for these in an area of deprevation where people should not be encouraged and can little afford to pay back loans at
    1000’s + % interest. Why not an empty shop being let cheaply to The Credit Union who support the community to make savings and gives out fair loans cheaply.


  2. I have a friend who does not understand money and I have had to contact the National Debtor Line for help. I support Jeanne’s proposal. How can the Penge and Cator councillors help us get the message through to LBB? Surely The Credit Union should be given the same supports as is available to any of the charity shops.


    • Cliff makes a good point about the need for an extension of Credit Unions. The Labour group did successfully promote the extension of the former Lewisham Plus Credit Union into Bromley. It’s now known as Sydenham Plus Credit Union with an office working out of Cottmandene Crescent in the Crays operating as Bromley Plus. For people living in this part of the borough the best option is to go to the Sydenham office at the top of Sydenham High Street – address is 262 Kirkdale. We’d have liked to have had an office open in Penge but the Credit Union thought it was better to put a branch at the other end of the borough. A CU operates under the same conditions as any other charity so there is nothing to prevent them operationg locally if the CU thouight it sustainable.


  3. Hello Aiden, if we have ignored our constituents we apologise. If you can be more specific we will give you a more detailed response. Please also remember our constituents are not of one mind. It is not possible to please all of the people. Sometimes we have to agree to disagree but there can be unity in diversity.

    Happy to offer more if you get back to us.


    • Aiden, Kevin is not on line during the day today but he said he will resend his original response to you on your personal e-mail this evening rather than air his response to you on an open forum. He did say that there had been no change to his original response.
      I am happy to be involved if you want but off line so please contact me on Kathy.bance@bromley.co.uk.


  4. aiden mcmahon says:

    Whilst pretending to make a difference to the electorate i note Jim Dowd voted for the bombing of Syria ,what are the Councillors views on this matter?


    • As individuals we each have our personal views on all issues. Jim came his decision after careful consideration of the information he had before him. Some of our councillors believe that war and violence are unjustifiable. While others have had family members in the forces who have had to fight in these wars. It would be wrong for any one of us to make a judgment on this.


  5. aiden mcmahon says:

    Wrong to make judgement on going to war and condoning airstrikes on innocent civilians?
    Have people forgotten the indiscriminate fatalities resulting from the blitz?
    If they laid the corpses of innocent people who will die at the hands of British fire power in Penge High St , you would soon realize the problem with this decision!
    And if his conscience is clear why hasn’t he explained himself?


    • Wrong to judge the decisions of others.

      You are entitled to your view which many people share.
      Please do not use the blog to vent your anger. If you want a discussion we have a surgery tomorrow morning at 10.45 – 12.25 outside Penge Post office and we can talk in person.
      If you want to challenge Jim Dowd MP then please use his blog.


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